INFINIDEK is made of Ultralon foam, a lightweight UV-resistant closed cell foam and has all the properties that are needed to ensure optimum comfort. Even in a sun-drenched area, INFINIDEK can be used without problems. INFINIDEK is a very comfortable material, feels soft, especially on bare feet and does not get hot in the sun. It is very easy to maintain and offers unprecedented possibilities due to a variety of color and design.

A closed cell foam does not have the same hardness as wood or a plastic teak and may therefore be less competitive with wood or plastic teak, but INFINIDEK has a very higher density with an average Lifespan of up to 8 years and if the boat is stored indoors or covered as if it is not used, the service life is much longer.

It is a very nice and affordable alternative to a wooden or plastic teak deck.



In addition to being used on your boat, it is also very suitable for all kinds of other application options, discover it  here.