The maintenance of INFINIDEK is easy. Use a mild soap and a brush to clean the surface. Gently brush the soap water in and then rinse with water.

If you want to be sure that you are using the right cleaning product, it is best to use our INFINIDEK cleaner.


For a long enjoyment of INFINIDEK we advise you to cover the surface if you do not use it. INFINIDEK is UV resistant, but long-term exposure to directed indirect light due to, for example, the reflection of glass, stainless steel, etc. can cause discoloration in the long term. You should also pay attention to sharp objects, shoes with heels can cause damage, other sharp objects such as screwdrivers, knives or scissors etc. can also damage the surface.

INFINIDEK is water resistant and salt water also gives no problems, but certain substances can cause stains. Be careful with bird droppings, mustard, fuel, wine, fat, blood, harsh detergents or chemicals. We advise you to immediately clean the surface if these substances are spilled on the surface. Inflatable objects should also not be left on the deck for a long time, as these can also cause color changes due to exposure to rain and sun. A high-pressure cleaner is not recommended because it can damage the edges.

If a heavy object is placed on it for longer, prints may occur. If the heavy object is removed, it will in most cases simply return to its old form if left alone for a while.

INFINIDEK mats that are not glued must be removed regularly to clean the underside of the mat as well as the surface under the mat. Do not put the mats back until the bottom is dry again.